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Empowered women are vital to ending hunger and poverty around the world — for instance: it’s a fact that the children of a literate mother are more likely to survive to age 5.

And yet globally, women are the most likely to remain unempowered and trapped in a life of extreme, hope-killing poverty.

Thank God, people like you want to understand the problem and learn how to combat it. This is why Food for the Hungry is offering the free eBook, 7 Surprising Facts About Women and Poverty.

In this concise and easy-to-read eBook, you will discover:

  1. What it’s like for a mother to attempt to provide for her family on $1.25 a day.
  2. Startling facts about what is actually keeping women stuck in poverty in many nations.
  3. Simple ways you can help women break the bonds of extreme poverty.
  4. And more — you’ll even meet an impoverished mom whose family and future were transformed when some friends gave her the gift of a cow.

Learn how you can make such transformations happen for vulnerable women — download your 7 Surprising Facts About Women and Poverty eBook now.